What happened in the story "The Doll's House" after Kezia let the Kelvey sisters in?

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Mrs. Burnell is a bit of a snob. An awful lot of money has clearly been spent on her daughter's shiny new doll's house, so the last thing she wants is for the dirt-poor Kelvey sisters to get their grubby little mitts all over it. But after an initial burst of enthusiasm over her new toy, Kezia gets bored of the doll's house—so bored, in fact, that she invites the Kelvey sisters to come over and play inside it. The sisters are astonished at Kezia's invitation; in fact, they're surprised that Kezia is even talking to them, given how snobbish her mother is. But they don't need to be asked twice, so they happily walk over to the Burnells' courtyard to explore the magnificent doll's house.

Unfortunately, Kezia has barely opened the door to the doll's house before her Aunt Beryl yells at her for allowing the Kelvey sisters into the courtyard. Aunt Beryl tells the Kelvey sisters to go away and never come back again, shooing them away like chickens. The sisters are understandably disappointed at not being able to play in the doll's house, but they did at least catch a glimpse of the little lamp burning inside.

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