What happened to the rest of the Chapter Summaries for Cat's Eye? I paid your subscription fee to get access to all of the chapter summaries, so why didn't I get all the Chapters summarized? It only goes up to Chapter 6.

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If you look carefully along the left hand side of the web page when you click on all of the links, you will see that the Chapter Summaries link has an arrow to the left of it, which indicates that there are several pages, and not just one. If you click on the chapter summaries link, this will then open three other links that will appear beneath the chapter summaries link. The chapter summaries for this book in the enotes study guide are split into three sections:

Parts 1 - 6

Parts 7 - 13

Parts 14 - 15

However, just in case you are unable to access the information, I have copied the links and put them below this response for you to access easily so that you can find the information you are looking for. Hopefully this will enable you to find the summary for this great book along with the other resources available to you on enotes.

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