What happened to the people who supported American independence and what happened to those who did not?

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The reaction was different for people who supported the American Revolution than it was for those who did not support it.  Those who supported the Revolution were highly regarded.  They were treated with dignity and respect. Some of these people became leaders in the colonies and were instrumental in developing the Declaration of Independence and the new form of government.  These people were called Patriots and had a lot of support in New England and Virginia.

Those who didn’t support the Revolution and instead supported Great Britain were called Loyalists or Tories.  Many Loyalists lived in New York and the Carolinas.  For them, life was more difficult.  They were often shunned or harassed.  They had to be careful that they or their property were not targeted for attack or damage. People who were supportive of the Revolution were treated much better than those who weren’t supportive of it.

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