In "Fahrenheit 451", what happened to Monta's green bullet?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At Montag's burning house, Montag and Beatty fight.  During the scuffle, Montag's green bullet falls out of his ear and hits the ground.  From there, "Beatty snatched it up, grinning...switched the green bullet off and thrust it in his pocket."  He then threatens to trace the signal, to find Montag's friend, Faber.  This is the last straw for Montag.  They burned his house, were trying to take him, and now Beatty threatened Faber's safety.  This is the point where Montag loses it and threatens Beatty with the flame-thrower.  Beatty taunts him, and Montag torches him.  So in the end, his green bullet gets burnt, along with Beatty, by Montag himself.