What happened to the milk and apples?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is in the third chapter that the mystery about the apples and milk is discovered.  It is served as a mash for the pigs.  Squealer makes the argument that this benefits the animals, as a whole.  He argues that it is scientifically proven that apples and milk help generate thought in the brain.  Seeing that the pigs are the "thinkers" on the farm, if the animals wish to maintain control of the farm, then the pigs need their nourishment of apples and milk.  Squealer further argues that this comes at a great sacrifice for the pigs because some of them do not like the mash, but the sacrifice is something that the pigs willingly do because of their "devotion" to Animal Farm.  In the process, Squealer also argues a point that will continually be made in that if the animals wish to not have Jones return, they will have to trust the pigs to do the thinking for the farm's well being.  It is here where it is evident that the pigs are pivoting towards the excesses of political power, seeking to impose their own way on the farm with the "fruits" of their labor as part of the intended compensatory package.