What happened to Mariam after Laila, Tariq and their two children left for Pakistan in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

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After the brutal battle that results in Mariam killing Rasheed with a shovel,

... she needed the night to think things over... and devise a plan.
     "There is a way," she said, "and I just have to find it."

Though Laila believes that they all must leave immediately, Mariam realizes that there is little chance they can escape the authorities for long. If Laila and Tariq are also caught, they, too, will be blamed for Rasheed's death. So, Mariam decides to make the supreme sacrifice: She will take full blame for the murder, allowing the others to escape. Mariam is eventually imprisoned, tried and found guilty, and sentenced to death. She meets her end at Kabul's Ghazi Stadium as part of the horrible halftime show of the soccer match (reminiscent of a scene in the author's previous novel, The Kite Runner). She is made to kneel near the south goalpost, and a Taliban man ends her life with a bullet to the back of the head. 

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