What happened to Lucy at the end of "Death by Landscape?"  

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It is not clear what happened to Lucy. She was separated from the other cabin mates along with Lois, who went back to camp to get the other cabin mates to help her find her friend. They ended up searching for Lucy with the police, who went so far as to venture out onto the water in police boats. All of this is despite the fact that Lois was with Lucy before and during her foray to use the restroom. Lucy asked Lois for toilet paper and then mysteriously disappeared. Still, Lois heard Lucy utter a cry of surprise so she couldn't have just disappeared. This implies that Lucy vanished by mysterious and malevolent circumstances, so it is not clear what happened to Lucy.

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It is not exactly known what happened to Lucy.  Lois and Lucy separated from their camp group one day while on an excursion.  The other campers were nearby.  Lucy had to use the bathroom, and Lois offered her friend some toilet paper.  Lois climbed over some boulders until Lucy was out of sight.  She wanted to give Lucy some privacy.  Then Lois heard "a cry of surprise, cut off too soon" from Lucy ("Death by Landscape").  It was "short, like a dog's bark."  Lois went back to the spot where she had left Lucy, but her friend was not there.

Lois and the other campers searched for Lucy.  They used their canoes and looked all around.  They could not find her.  Then police went out with motorboats and search dogs.  They, too, could not find Lucy.  The girl had vanished.  She was never found, and Lois forever lived with feelings of emptiness.

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