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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lemuel Gulliver ends up on the island of Laputa after the ship he's travelling on is captured by pirates and Gulliver himself is set adrift in a small boat.

Not much really happens while Gulliver is there.  The chapters about Laputa are more of descriptions.  Laputa is a satire on the ideas of the Age of Reason (which was starting as Swift wrote).  The people of Laputa are only interested only in mathematics and take it to such extremes as to measure clothes using only navigational instruments.  Because of this, the clothes never fit well.

We also find out that Laputa is a flying island that rules over a regular island.  The ways in which it does this are a satire on the rule of the royal court over England.

mamalion7 | Student

As the joyful holiday season approach the island, the people of laputa, which used to only interested in using Mathematics messurements to make unfit clothes, is changing their way of life to fit in with the others on the rule of the royal court over England.

Since the island of laputa is also a flying island, the most efficient way is to have a flying party for everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island and have a wonderful holiday celebration!

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