What happened to the house in the final hours?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the final hours of the house's "life" it prepares itself for the evening with cards and cocktails. It has operated as if the family were there all day long. As the house sits and waits for the cards to be played and the drinks to be drunk a wind outside blows a liquor bottle over and the inside the house a fire starts. The mice who clean up messes scurry out to help and the faucets try to douse the flames, but the house begins to die and finally all there is that is left is silence and smoke. 

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aldegrever | Student

At ten o'clock in the evening the house is totaly destroyed.(in the story: the house dies) because of a fire. In general this house with own intelligence can protect itself by its water reserves. But today the house can't win this fight. The water which has filled baths and was need for other things was gone.

aldegrever | Student

At the beginning you get to know that the house is able to care for itself and the occupants like preparing the breakfast, advicing the robots to clean the floor. In the evening, everything seems to be normal, until a "cigar fell away into a mound of quiet ash in its tray" (ll 125/126). After the wind blew a tree bough crashed into their house, which therefore began to burn. It reacts with screaming fire. The house tries to stop the fire by sprinkling water but it was too late. It died.

aldegrever | Student

Although nobody is alive, the house continues his orders till it folllows its occupants and dies by burning down.

aldegrever | Student

Before the house burns, it makes breakfast for the family and asks the mother, want she wants to listen to, then it reads a poem of "Sara Teasdale".

The house begins to burn, because a falling tree crashes into the ktichen window on the stove. It tries to rescue/save itself but without success.

Then it dies.

aldegrever | Student

The house works normally the whole day. It helps the family to get up and so on. But then a cigar come out (maybe the father smokes) and because of noone is there to smoking the cigar and the house begins to burn. The house wants to stop the fire, but it cannot self itself because the wind blows outside, the windows are open and the wind sucks upon the fire. So the whole house burns and it dies.

aldegrever | Student

the house burns and dies...

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