Walk Two Moons Questions and Answers
by Sharon Creech

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What happened to Gram while they stopped at the river for a swim?

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In South Dakota, Gram, Gramps, and Sal stop to cool off with a swim in a river. As they refresh themselves in the water, a boy approaches them and tells them that this is private property. He appears threatening, so Gramps becomes protective of the others. Suddenly, Gram says that a snake has bitten her, as it has indeed. It is a poisonous water moccasin. Gramps carries Gram out of the water and asks the boy where the nearest hospital is. The boy (whose name is Tom Fleet) offers to escort them there. He sucks the poison out of Gram’s leg all the way to the hospital. Tom stays with Sal in the waiting room as Gram is treating. The next morning, Gram is released, and Tom asks Sal to write to him.

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