What happened in the French and Indian War?

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The French and Indian War was a very significant event. In this war, the French and most Native American tribes were fighting Great Britain. In the beginning of the war, the French did very well as they won several battles. However, when William Pitt became Prime Minister of Great Britain, the British gave a more committed effort to the French and Indian War. The British began to win battles. The turning point of this war was when the British won the battle at Quebec. Quebec was the capital of the French Empire in North America. After this battle, the British captured Montreal, and eventually the French and Indian War ended.

As a result of the Treaty of Paris of 1763, France gave Great Britain all of its land east of the Mississippi River, except for New Orleans. Great Britain also got some land in Canada. Spain, which was helping France, gave Florida to Great Britain also. As a result of this war, the British control of their colonies in North America was much stronger.

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