What happened at the end of "Julie of the Wolves"?

Expert Answers
jennifer-taubenheim eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miyax has been staying in the woods with the wolves but she relalizes that the weather is getting worse and she needs to leave. She decides to find a village so that she can get some help from people. On the way she finds a small bird that she names Tornait and takes for a pet. As she travels, she finds a family hunting for caribou and they give her directions to the nearest village. She stays with the family for a little while, then decides to continue searching for her father. She goes to the village and finds that her father used to be there, but is now missing. He was working as a hunting guide. He led tourists on wolf hunts. She figures out that he was responsible for killing one of her wolf friends while she was with the caribui-hunting family. When she discovers this, she decides that she doesn't want to live with him afterall. She returns to her home village and her aunt. She has grown in wisdom over the course of her adventure and she is now ready to work on the problems that she had left behind.