What happened at the end of "The Lucky One?"

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The novel ends with the traditional configuration of love struggling to be found, love being found, a potential denial of this love, and then a reconciliation that redeems it.  Logan makes his way to Hampton and then settles in, to an extent, with finding Elizabeth.  Their love is not immediate and takes time.  With each passing entrenchment, Logan is challenged with whether to tell her about the photograph.  Eventually, he does.  She is scared and hesitant to continue with him because she thinks of him as a stalker.  The final confrontation with the Deputy who had played the antagonist is one in which Elizabeth is in jeopardy.  Essentially, the ending is one in which Logan has to fully test whether or not he is "the lucky one" in needing to put himself in harm's way to defend Elizabeth.  She recognizes Logan's love for her, which makes Logan "lucky" in a way for, if nothing else, Elizabeth has come to love him.  It is in this where their love is redeemed.  The ending of the novel is one in which Logan demonstrates that while love is luck, it is also one in which people have to make their own luck.

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