What happened during the rainstorm in Seedfolks?

mkcapen1 | Student

During the storm Nora had to take Mr. Myles to the awning to get out of the rain where she met many others who had apieces of the garden.  She communicated with them using words and gestures and realized what a good thing the garden was.

Nora hated the garden and she hated being pregnant.  She was in a program for pregnant teens and had to work the garden to help prepare her for caring for something.  When the storm came she was surprised to see that some people were carrying on like nothing even though all the power was out.  She suddenly realized that her baby and she were a part of something bigger and important.

Amir's story does not have anything to do with the storm but rather tells how the garden pulled together people from many different ethnic groups.  He had always disliked the way people crawled into their own crevices in the city never knowing each other.  The garden changed that.

The garden was a place where people had cookouts and brought food and gathered together and looked out for one another.  The garden gave them a community.

Florence is the one who equates the people who began the garden the first year as being seedfolks.  People who begin something and then it grows into something better.

lolipoplolipop | Student

she is a British women from England who takes care of Mr.Myles but she isn't pregnant or in the pregnant teen program who you're referring to is Maricela


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