What happened when Pavel the servant was rudely treated by Lieutenant Kotler?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There s a feeling of discomfort and awkwardness when Bruno sees the way Lieutenant Kotler is treating Pavel in such a rude way.  Bruno is not partisan to Lieutenant Kotler anyway.  Bruno feels that Kotler carries himself with too much comfort in Buno's home.  This is confirmed with Bruno's observations of the hushed whispers with which he speaks with Bruno's mother as well as manner in which he plays into Gretel's flirting.  Bruno already feels a bit of animosity towards the Lieutenant.  This narrative fits into how Kotler rudely yells and scolds Pavel in getting the tire swing set up for Bruno.  Bruno's reaction to the mistreatment of the old man is reflective of a couple of realities.  The first is that Bruno is continuing his emergence as the one German who is uncomfortable with the existing state of affairs in "Out- With."  His lack of embrace of the Lieutenant's tactics are a part of this.  Additionally, I think that Bruno is starting to embrace the empathy within him.  At a time when so many have turned off this capacity within their own psyches, Bruno seems to be embracing his.  There is an empathy with which he views Pavel after his treatment, something that is going to define both his character and the plot of the narrative .

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