What happened in Chapters 9,10,11, and 12 of The Cay?

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Timothy begins to make a rope that will stretch down the hill to the beach and fire pile.  The rope is for Phillip to use as a guide to get around the island on his own.  While he works on the rope, Timothy asks Phillip to help out by weaving sleeping mats, but Phillip petulantly refuses to work.  When Timothy insists, Phillip screams insolently at him, and Timothy slaps him.  As he sulks, Phillip realizes that the rope Timothy is making is for him, and with this realization, "something happen(s) to (him)...he (has) begun to change".  Phillip tells Timothy he wants to be friends, and asks the old man to call him Phillip "instead of young boss" (Chapter 9).

On their seventh night on the island, it rains, and Timothy and Phillip...

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