What happened in Chapters 7 and 8 of "The Cay"?

What happened in Chapters 7 and 8 of "The Cay"?

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In Chapter 7, Timothy brings the raft to land.  He carries Phillip and Stew Cat ashore, and then goes to explore the island.  Phillip, who is still blind, is terrified when left alone, and imperiously orders Timothy to promise not to leave him again.  Phillip is angry that they have landed on an island which is uninhabited, but Timothy says that he will make a camp, catch langosta, or lobsters, for food, and that hopefully, a ship will pass by soon and rescue them.  Timothy believes they are on a cay known as Devil's Mouth, and that they will be all right, but Phillip feels that Timothy is not telling him the whole truth.

In Chapter 8, Timothy admits that the island they are on is more remote than he had thought, but he still has hope for their survival.  Phillip is indignant when Timothy leaves him again, but Timothy gently chides him, reminding him, "'ere I'm all you got".  Phillip notices that Timothy seems "tired and groans a lot" as he works, and learns that the man is over seventy years old.  In the morning, Timothy makes a fire on the beach, and wants to spell a message on the sand to attract the attention of passing planes.  Although Timothy is too proud to directly ask for help, Phillip figures out that Timothy cannot spell, and draws out the letters HELP in the sand so that Timothy can arrange large rocks to make a signal that can be seen from the air. 

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