What happened in Chapter 7 and 8?The main plot events please.

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In Chapter 7 of the book "Hatchet" Brian has a horrible stomach ache and diarrhea. He recalls "the secret" of his mother kissing a man in the mall.  He has harbored resentment for his mother ever since he had seen her kiss him. The next morning he cleans up his mess from his illness the night before and sees his reflection in the pond.  He looks beaten up, dirty, and ugly.

Brian looks over his cave and is pleased with his "home."  While collecting raspberries he encounters a bear which sniffs him and looks him over.  The bear leaves and does not attack him.  Brian ran from the bear.  Later he realized that if the bear had wanted it would have attacked him, but it had not.  Brian realizes that both he and the bear were hungry and after he berries.  He contemplates on the bear. 


In chapter 8 Brian is in the cave and it is dark.  He hears a slithering type noise.  He throws his hatchet towards the sound.  He misses and it sparks off of the rocks.  Suddenly, Brian feels intense pain like needles are sticking him and sending pain into his leg.  As the creature moves from the cave, Brian catches a glimpse of it.  It is a porcupine.

Brian is in terrible pain and has to pull the needles out.  The episode teaches him the most important rule if he wants to survive.  Feeling sorry for himself won’t help him.  He is in intense pain but he decides he needs a fire.  He recalls the sparks the hatchet had made.  He begins to use the hatchet to make fire.


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