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Natalie Saaris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter Five, we are introduced to 803 Oriole Street, home of the infamous Finsterwald. All the neighborhood kids know never to go near Finsterwald's home. When their balls and airplanes land in Finsterwald's backyard, they leave them there rather than retrieving them. 

One day, a group of high school bullies picks up Arnold Jones and hoists him over the fence and into Finsterwald's yard. The high school kids hear the chattering of Jones's teeth; he is terrified to be in the yard. 

Maniac bravely saves Arnold by rescuing him from the yard. To show his courage, Maniac then proceeds to sit down on Finsterwald's front steps and calmly read a book, a feat that impresses the other kids who would never dare to touch the steps.