What happened in Chapter 5 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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School is still out--it is Dill's second summer in Maycomb--and the children's time is spent playing the Boo Radley game. But Atticus's warning has caused them to alter the game somewhat, disguising it by changing "the names of the characters and then we couldn't be accused of playing anything." Dill and Scout are in love--Dill has already proposed--but Dill still seems to gravitate more toward Jem, and Scout feels left out. She begins to spend more time with Miss Maudie, and the chapter provides a revealing character sketch of Scout's strong-willed neighbor. Jem and Dill concoct a new plan to attract Boo Radley: They will send him a note attached to the end of a fishing pole. Scout is invited to participate, since this mission is to be carried out in broad daylight and requires that she and Dill serve as lookouts for Atticus. But Dill's warning never comes, and Atticus catches Jem in the act, warning him them to "stop tormenting that man." Worse yet for Jem, Atticus uses his lawyering skills to extract a partial confession from his son about the Radley game, and

... Jem finally realized that he had been done in by the oldest lawyer's trick on record.  (Chapter 5)

Once again, the children fail in their attempt to catch a glimpse of Boo, but they make yet another try in the next chapter.


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