What happened in chapter 15 of the book Lyddie?  

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Chapter 15 is a depressing chapter to read.  There's practically nothing happy that happens.  Even things that first appear good on the surface wind up being a blow to Lyddie.  

The chapter begins with Lyddie's uncle coming to see Lyddie.  Uncle Judah has even brought Lyddie's sister Rachel with him.  That sounds wonderful, except that the reason for his visit is not a happy reason.  Uncle Judah has come to tell Lyddie that he and his wife had to put Lyddie's mother into an asylum.  In order to pay for such a thing, they plan to sell Lyddie's family farm.  Rachel is there, because they can no longer care for her and are basically leaving Lyddie with having to raise Rachel.  

Lyddie is forced to beg Mrs. Bedlow to allow Rachel to stay for a couple of weeks.  Mrs. Bedlow agrees.  Then Lyddie tries to contact Charlie, so that he can stop the sale of the farm.  

Lyddie's work life isn't much better.  Brigid is continuing to slow down at work, which frustrates Lyddie to no end.  Marsden threatens to fire Brigid, which Lyddie actually doesn't want to happen, so Lyddie begins helping Brigid even more.  

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