What happened to Calrrise?

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Mildred says that the family moved out somewhere. "But she's gone for good..  I think she's dead" (pg 47).  She thinks she has been run over by a car. Mildred's not sure, but she's pretty sure.   Beatty tells Montag that they have been watching Clarisse's family and that "she was a time bomb." (pg 60)  Her problem was that she "didn't want to know how something was done, but why. .....She is better off dead."(pg 60) This is a strong indicator that Clarisse is indeed dead. Then he adds, "Luckily, queer ones like her don't happen often.  We know how to nip most of them in the bud early." (pg 60)  This is another strong indicator that the government took her life.    They never come out and directly say that the government killed her, but it is heavily inferred. 

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In the book no one is sure how she died, but Montag is informed by Mildred that she dies becuase she is hit by a moving car.

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not sure, said to have died in car accident; in movie she is found to be with the exiles

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