The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Edward Connell

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What happened between Rainsford and General Zaroff at the end of the story "The Most Dangerous Game?"

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The story is missing some specifics, but  the outcome is that Rainsforth kills Zaroff.  At the end of the story, Rainsforth sleeps in Zaroff’s bed.  The implication is that Rainsforth has killed Zaroff.  After Rainsforth jumps off the cliff, Zaroff returns home.  Later that night Rainsforth appears, from where he has been hiding in Zaroff’s room, and Zaroff congratulates him on winning the game, but Rainsforth informs him that they are still playing.  Zaroff has assumed that Rainsforth won, because the game was to survive three days in the judge and Rainsforth has done so, but Rainsforth only wins when he kills Zaroff. 

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