What happened between chapters 53 to 59 of Great Expectations?

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In these chapters Orlick kidnaps Pip, and Pip gets free and tries to get Magwitch out of the country.

Orlick lured Pip back with information about Magwitch.  Pip was worried about Magwitch’s safety, so he went.  He did not know it was Orlick.  Orlick wanted to kill Pip to get revenge for various wrongs he thought he had done him.

“You was always in Old Orlick's way since ever you was a child. You goes out of his way this present night. He'll have no more on you. You're dead.” (ch 53)

Herbert, Trabb’s boy, and Startop are able to save Pip, but the experience lives him with physical and emotional pain.  He is worried about Magwitch, and decides he has to get him out of the country.

Pip and Herbert, with Startop, decide to row Magwitch out of London.  Unfortunately, Compeyson foils the plan and Pip is arrested.  His property goes to the government.  Magwitch dies of his injuries.  On a positive note, Wemmick marries Miss Skiffins.

Pip decides to marry Biddy, but she has married Joe first.  He works with Herbert, and then comes back to England after they have a son. Pip finds out that Drummle was kicked in the head by a horse, leaving Estella alone. She returns to Satis House, and they decide to be friends.

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