What happened to Benjamin Franklin in 1720?

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Several important things happened in Benjamin Franklin's life in the year 1720.  He was a young man of fourteen-years-old in 1720.  One thing was that he left his family's home to live in a boarding house.  It was also during this year that Ben Franklin stopped attending church regularly.  He did this so that he would have additional study time.  This was somewhat unusual for the time.  In the 1700s, Colonists typically attended church on Sundays.  Eventually Franklin became a Deist, influenced by reading the books in his father's library as a boy.

His father, Josiah Franklin, was chosen as a "town scavenger for 1721" in 1720.  His brother, James Franklin, started publishing The New England Courant.  Some believe that this could have occurred in 1720.  Ben Franklin later wrote letters which were published in the paper, which was the beginning of his literary endeavors.

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