What happened to the bag of Homer's "rocket stuff"?

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Homer (Sonny) gets in a tussle with some boys (Calvin, Pooky's son). The boys just want to talk to Sonny, but he thinks they want to beat him up. There is a flood and Sonny has his rocket nozzles and nose cones in a sack. During the tussle, he drops the sack and loses it in the swirling, muddy water. Sonny thinks that he will never find his "rocket stuff" now. Calvin promises that when the waters go down, he and his friends will help Sonny look for the items, but Sonny replies that by then, it will be too late. He needs them for the science fair. The next morning, Sonny finds a wet sack on the back porch. In the sack are the nozzles and nose cones. Apparently Calvin and his friends looked for the sack, found it and returned it to Sonny.