What happened after he got arrested?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gemma is bitten by a snake. Ty tries to help her by using the antivenin he has but it does not work so they both head to a nearby mine to seek medical assistance. Gemma and Ty get on a plane to the city but on arrival Ty is arrested and Gemma is reunited with her parents. Gemma is diagnosed by a psychiatrist who determines that she is exhibiting symptoms of Stockholm syndrome. Gemma knows Ty lied to her and kidnapped her, however she also knows Ty as a person is not all bad. Ty is in a prison cell awaiting his trial as Gemma is torn between telling the truth or lying to save him. She writes her testimony in the form of a letter to Ty. She decides to tell the truth and hope the judge is lenient.

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