What happened after the boys left the bowling alley?  

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of Chapter 1, M&M leaves the bowling alley and decides to walk home by himself. Bryon then suggests to Mark that they also leave the bowling alley in order to catch up with M&M. After Mark and Bryon exit the bowling alley, they begin following M&M and notice that three guys are trailing him. From the end of the alley, they hear Curly Shepard threatening M&M and Bryon witnesses Curly cut M&M's medallion off of his necklace. Mark and Bryon then run to M&M's rescue and jump on Curly Shepard and his gang members from behind. Curly drops his knife and Bryon threatens to break his arm. Curly recognizes Bryon and tells him to let go because he's proven his point. M&M then tells Mark and Bryon to leave Curly and his friends alone. Bryon gives Curly's arm one extra twist before he shoves him away, and Mark kicks the other guy after letting him go. Curly Shepard and his friends then curse at Mark and Bryon as they run away.