What happened as Freak and Max were walking down to the pond in Freak the Mighty?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Max and Kevin are on their way to the Fourth of July festivities in town when they are accosted by Tony D.--aka "Blade"--and his young gang. Kevin cannot resist the urge to call Tony a "cretin," and things don't look good for the two boys until a police car drives by, scattering the gang. Soon after, "Freak the Mighty" is born when Max lifts Kevin atop his shoulders for a better view of the festivities. Kevin loves his new perch, and he remains on Max's shoulders for the remainder of the fireworks. Afterward, Tony D. and his gang move in on Max and Kevin once again, but Kevin's quick thinking saves the day. He directs Max to head for the millpond, and Max walks far out into the murky waters. Tony gets stuck in the mud, and when Kevin lets out a piercing whistle, another police car arrives, dispersing the gang. Safely ashore, Kevin proclaims that "We're Freak the Mighty."