What happened in the end of "Don't Look Behind You?"

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After having put her family in danger by sending letters to her old friends, April finds herself trapped by Vamp, the assassin.  Lorelei is also trapped.  Vamp insists that he will not hurt the girls, that he only has a "job" to do.  April knows that his job is to murder her father.  After being locked in the closet with Lorelei, April is able to escape through a trap door and out of the house, but she is chased by Vamp.  She tries to leave by Lorelei's car, but is unable to, and Vamp holds a gun to her.  April uses a tennis racket and a flashlight to first blind Vamp and then to incapcitate him.  He is knocked off-balance and goes off the edge of the embankment, dying.

The family moves again, and April settles into a new life.  She is more cautious in this one, and although she has a part-time job on top of school, she has been careful not to get close to anyone.  The book ends with her meeting a guy at the mall who is a student at her new school, and agrees to go out with him.  She understands that she does not have to stop living.  She can appreciate her past with Steve and still move forward:

"Then I shoved the memory out of my mind and sent it spinning down into the vast cavern of might-have-beens."