what happen while we are sleeping?does our soul seperate our body, and the dreams we have ? wonder imaybe while we are sleeping our brain do like a flash back for a certain problem we faced or...

what happen while we are sleeping?

does our soul seperate our body, and the dreams we have ? wonder imaybe while we are sleeping our brain do like a flash back for a certain problem we faced or certain day we spent thats how dreams come....

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's true the soul doesn't leave the body during sleep.  It's also true that we dream, often about the things that have happened during the day or the week, or things we're worried about, or things we're anticipating.  The mind is a funny and complex thing, and it's often through dreaming we're able to give free reign to those thoughts and fears and dreams we may be unable to express while awake.  Scientists have studied the physical properties of the soul as best they can, and they have literally weighed bodies immediately before and after death, and after death there is a consistent discrepancy in weight loss (though I can't remember the number).  They have concluded that it's the departure of the soul from the body.   We each have a soul, and it does have a physical as well as a spiritual presence in our bodies until we die. 

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dreaming is our subconcious dealing with issues it doesn't really sort out during the day. Sleep is a complex process, and both our mind and body go through different steps during the process our soul does not separate.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Sleep is a period of rest among most of the more evolved animals including humans, in which the sleeper looses consciousness of his of her surrounding. During the sleep there are limited physical activities of the external body, which are limited to changing the position of body during sleep. The conscious thought process of the mind is also become dormant. The mind is still active at sub conscious level. The internal functions of the body such as breathing and heart rate slows down. The sleep is accompanied by the process of significant repair and growth activities at the cell level. Also, some amount of unconscious organization of the information stored in the brain takes place.

One important phenomenon accompanying sleep is that of dreaming. In this phenomenon the sleeper appears to witness and feel story like sequence of events and situations. The dream appear real to the dreamer while they occur. But in reality these are totally imaginary.

suzy555 | Student

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suzy555 | Student

no dear our soul doesn't separate our body while we are sleeping...only we dream ..we feel nothing about anything round us..in order 2 be ready in the morning to begin our jobs & activities again with no feeling of tiredness...may our dreams want to tell us   something & maynot...so sleep for 8 hours daily and don't give care to anything ..only to your job.