What five events happen in Ray Bradbury's story "All Summer in a Day"?

Expert Answers
rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "All Summer in a Day," some of the story is in flashback, describing events that happened before the day of the events of the story. On the day that the story recounts, the one day in seven years that the sun comes out on Venus, the following events occur:

1. The children of the "rocket men and women" who live on Venus and go to school there are all gathered at the window, awaiting the predicted appearance of the sun.

2. The children are verbally and physically abusive to Margot. William begins to bully Margot, taunting her and shoving her. The other children join in with William in teasing Margot, telling her that the sun will not really come out today, that it has all been a joke.

3. The children descend upon Margot and as a crowd bear her down the hall to a closet, where they lock her in. 

4. Without Margot, all the children go outside with their teacher, who does not realize Margot is missing. The children run around in the sunshine for over an hour until it begins to rain again.

5. The children return indoors, and remembering Margot, they release her from the closet. 

Although more information is revealed in the story via flashback about things that happened to Margot prior to this day, these are the five events that take place on the day the sun comes out.