Summer of My German Soldier Questions and Answers
by Bette Greene

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In Summer of My German Soldier, what happens to Patty because i couldn't finish the story?

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Hopefully you got to the part where Patty decided to hide Anton in her father's garage. After staying for a few days, Anton makes his escape. An investigation is begun and Patty is eventually singled out. When the investigators inform her that Anton has been killed in New York City, she admits that she had hidden the German prisoner. Patty is tried, found guilty, and sentenced to a juvenile prison in Bolton, Arkansas. She dreams of visiting Germany and telling Anton's parents her story. The novel ends with Patty receiving a visit from Ruth, the Bergen family maid. Ruth tries to lift Patty's spirits, and after Ruth leaves, Patty realizes that "it might take my whole lifetime" to find out if she can make it on her own.

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