What happens in chapter 5 to 7 in Brave New World?

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There are complete chapter summaries provided by the enotes literature section.  The link is provided below.  A brief overview of each chapter is as follows:

Chapter 5

Henry and Lenina enjoy exploring the leisure activities of the world, including taking the hallucenigenic drug soma.  The chapter ends with them going to bed together.

Chapter 6

Henry and Lenina start to argue about how to behave.  Lenina wants to continue enjoying the life that has been created for them, Henry wants to be himself, no matter what.  Lenina admits she likes him, but that he's odd.

Chapter 7

Henry and Lenina visit an Indian pueblo and meet a culture that doesn't exist in New World.  They do meet one woman who was outcast for having a child, and tried to stick to New World ideas, but can not condition her child properly.  He is stigmatized and confused.

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