What happens in Chapter 3 of Bud, Not Buddy?

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Chapter Three begins as Bud finds himself locked in the Amos' shed for the night. He takes stock of his situation, and has a look around. However, he is rather worried to find himself in such an environment, and it doesn't help that he remembers a story that he tells the reader about a friend of his called Bugs who went to sleep and then a cockroach entered his ear, which had to be pulled out by doctors using tweezers. Finally, Bud manages to get some sleep. When he wakes up, the Amos family have gone to bed, but he sees what he thinks is a vampire bat hanging upside down from the ceiling. He tries to kill it, only to find that it wasn't a vampire bat:

What I'd thought was a vampire bat hanging on the ceiling was really a hornets' nest and now there were about six thousand hornets flying around in the shed and each and every one of them was looking for me!

In desperation, Bud tries to run and bash down the door, but in the end, leaps out of the window, hotly pursued by some of the hornets. Bud finds himself outside of the shed, and is incredibly annoyed with the Amos family and is determined to take his revenge.

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