What happens in Chapter 22-30 of Among the Hidden?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Among the Hidden the children are getting ready for a rally to protest the policies on third children.  Jen is planning to borrow her parent's car.  Luke is supposed to go, but at the last minute he does not go.  Luke feels panicked about the idea of being seen.

After a week goes by Luke still has not heard anything from Jen.  He is very worried.  He gets to the computer and tries to find out what happened to Jen.  A man with a gun stands behind him and tells him to turn around.  The man tells Luke that Jen is dead and so are the other children.  They had all been shot.

Jen's dad then reveals to Luke that he works for the population police and has connections.  He arranges to help Luke get a new identity and a new place to live.  Luke's family agrees to do it to help him.  Luke becomes Lee Grant and leaves his mother, father, and brothers behind as he becomes a new person.