what happen in chapter 11 and 12 in the hunger games

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 11 starts the Hunger Games.  The tributes,all equi-distant from a Cornucopia that contains survival equipment, fight fr survival gear.  Katniss has been told not to go into the middle because she will not survive. Haymitch advised her to go into the woods to her left. Suddenly she sees a bow and arrow and wants to get ahold of it, but Peeta distracts her, and she misses the signal.  She ends up with a loaf of bread, an orange backpack, and a sheet of plastic. She stuggles with the boy from District nine for the backpack, but he is killed by a knife.  The girl from District two, her hands full of knives, is headed for Katniss. Katniss dashes for the woods;the girl throws the knife and misses.  Now Katniss has a knife. She travels deep into the woods keeping an eye out for water, knowing she is being watched on TV. Evening comes and they shoot off cannons, one for each dead tribute. Eleven, in all. Thirteen left to play. She wonders what happened to Peeta. While resting, she realizes she needs water and to find out the contents of the backpack. She is really thirsty and decides to follow the rabbit tracks.  While looking for water, she chews on some bark. She settles down for the night, sleeping in a tree and watches as they flash head shots of the eleven dead tributes into the sky. Peeta is still alive.  She falls asleep only to be awakened by a branch breaking. She sees a fire started and decides this person must be stupid.  Stupid people are dangerous. The fire starter is a girl . The other tributes kill her.  When morning comes, they move on,but not far.  The tributes haven't heard the cannon and wonder if they did kill the girl.  One goes back.  To Katniss's shock, it is Peeta.

Chapter Twelve has Katniss in disbelief over Peeta's involvment with the Career tributes and thinks she could kill him if necessary. She overhears the tributes talking about her, and then Peeta returns and the cannon goes off indicating the girl is dead. The tributes move on, the birds stop singing, and a hovercraft comes and picks up the dead body. Katniss comes out of the tree and checks her snares; one nice rabbit. She guts the rabbit and cooks it over the dead tribute's still hot coals. She camouflages her orange backpack and then heads off looking for water. As evening comes, she is getting desperate.  Finding some berries, she is about to eat them, when she notices they are a little different and she doesn't trust them. She doesn't find water that day or night.  She is desperate for water now.  She thinks she can get Haymitch to send her some from one of her sponsors, so she asks him.  Nothing happens.  Then she figures that the reason he is not answering is because she is close to water.  She finally tumbles to the ground, unable to get up.  Her fingertips feel mud, and she finds a pond.  She dips her flask into the water and adds iodine to purify it. It takes her a couple of hours to drink the whole half gallon. That night she watches the sky.  No more dead tributes.  She falls asleep in a tree and is awakened by stampeding feet.  A wall of fire is descending on her.