What hapeens when the following are heated?? 1) Lead Nitrate 2)Copper Sulphate (Hydrous) 3)Lead Peroxide 4)Cupric Carbonate 5)Zince Carbonate 6)Noomium Chloride

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1) 2Pb(NO3)2   ->  2PbO + 4NO2 + O2. Products on heating are lead monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen accompanied by decrepitation (crackling sounds as small particles explode).

2) Blue hydrated CuSO4.5H2O  -> CuSO4 + 5H2O 1st turns white as the water of crystallization is driven off. On further heating decomposition and decrepitation occur: CuSO4  ->  CuO + SO3. Black copper(II)oxide is formed and sulphur trioxide gas is made which causes fumes at the mouth of the test tube as it absorbs atmospheric water vapour to form sulphuric acid droplets.

3) Also known as lead dioxide, and lead(IV)oxide.                                       2PbO2  -> 2PbO  +  O2. Yellow lead(II)oxide is made and oxygen gas which can be detected by re-kindling a glowing splint.

4) AKA copper (II) carbonate.  CuCO3 -> CuO + CO2. Black copper(II)oxide is made and carbon dioxide gas which can be shown to turn limewater milky.

5)  Zinc carbonate (calamine) decomposes to zinc oxide and carbon dioxide: ZnCO3 -> ZnO + CO2

6) Never heard of this stuff.

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