In "What Men Live By," what happens to the man who ordered the boots?

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At the end of the story when the fallen angel Michael is explaining who he is, why he had been condemned to live as a human being, and what he had learned, he tells about the rich man who had ordered the pair of boots made from a piece of expensive German leather. The customer is arrogant and overbearing. He calls the cobbler a fool. Naturally the poor cobbler is intimidated and then horrified when he sees that the fallen angel has turned the leather into a pair of soft slippers instead of a pair of boots.

"A man came to order boots that should wear for a year without losing shape or cracking. I looked at him, and suddenly, behind his shoulder, I saw my comrade—the angel of death. None but me saw that angel; but I knew him, and knew that before the sun set he would take that rich man's soul. And I thought to myself, 'The man is making preparations for a...

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