What is Hamlet's relationship towards Horatio, Ophelia and his mother?  

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Horatio is Hamlet's best friend and the only person he trusts in Denmark. Hamlet informs Horatio about Claudius's role in his father's assassination, discusses with Horatio how he escaped imminent death while sailing to England, and also entrusts Horatio to tell his tragic story. Hamlet's private conversations with Horatio also provide further insight into Hamlet's emotions, and their relationship provides commentary on Hamlet's eventual death and legacy.

Hamlet is romantically involved with Ophelia but uses her as a pawn to outwit and confuse Claudius and his agents. Hamlet's feelings towards Ophelia are ambiguous and contradictory. At times, Hamlet completely dismisses Ophelia and denies being remotely interested in her. Hamlet then shows affection by flirting with Ophelia during the play and reveals his love for her by jumping into her grave—where he wrestles Laertes ....

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