What inspired Sun Yat-Sen to become and interested in politics and his ideas on the subject of freedom? Here is a quote where this question became inspired. "An individual should not have too much freedom. A nation should have absoulte freedom."

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Like many Chinese, Sun became interested in politics and in revolution due to China's utter weakness in the face of the Western powers and Japan.

Sun saw how badly China was being dominated by the West and by Japan.  He saw the unequal treaties and China's loss in first Sino-Japanese War.  He saw also that China was doing a very bad job of modernizing and adopting Western ideas.

Sun also saw what he thought were mistakes that occurred when China did try to adopt Western ways.  Specifically, he believed that China was trying to adopt the Western idea of freedom without realizing that too much freedom was bad for China.

Because he thought China was too weak and was Westernizing in the wrong ways, Sun became interested in politics and the idea of freedom.

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