Discuss Rose and Troy's relationship in Act Two, Scenes II and III of Fences.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary change to the relationship between Rose and Troy happens at the start of Act II.  Troy is forced to disclose his relationship with Alberta.  It is this act that dissolves the bond between Rose and Troy.  While Troy maintains his responsibility as financial provider, he spends most of his time with Alberta.  Rose has grasped the reality that life with her husband will not go back to where it was and a new conception must be adopted.  Rose has love for Troy, but it is tapered with an understanding that there is someone else.  However, Wilson is skilled in showing Rose to being a character of redemption and love.  In this respect, she is unlike her husband, who has become a victim to negation and to the death of the love instinct.  When Alberta dies, Rose agrees to raise the child.  In this, Rose has started to develop a new life away from Troy, who has grown inward and more determined the "fence" out the forces of destruction that are actually imbued within him.