What has Fernand done for which he has been disgraced in The Count of Monte Cristo?

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In Alexander Dumas's "The Count of Monte Cristo" Fernand Mondego, the cousin of Mercedes who is enamored of her and later marries her, has served in the army and acquired a fortune by dubious means.  When the Count exposes him, the truth of events that led to the Count de Morcerf's fortune are revealed.  In one of the foreign wars in which Fernand was involved, he betrayed Ali Pasha, who had befriended him.  Ali Pasha dies, and Fernand sells his wife and daughter, Haydee into slavery.  However, Edmund Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo, rescues her from slavery by purchasing her; Haydee becomes devoted to the Count and falls deeply in love with him.  

When the Count of Monte Cristo, in his revenge, has Fernand brought to trial and exposes him as a traitor to his ally, the Ali Pasha.  When confronted by Fernand afterwards, Monte Cristo says with coolness,

Are you not the soldier Fernand who deserted on the eve of the battle of Waterloo?  Are you not the Lieutenant Fernand who served the French army as guide and spy in Spain?  Are you not the Colonel Fernand who betrayed, sold, and assassinated his benefactor, Ali?  And have not all these Fernands combined made Lieutenant-General Count of Morcerf, Peer of France?

At this point, the Count of Monte Cristo reveals himself to Fernand's request.  He leaves the room, returning in a sailor's blouse and hat.  Leaning against the wall for support, the General stares at this "apparition," gliding along the wall, and crying, "Edmond Dantes!"  Shortly thereafter, he commits suicide.  Dantes has had his revenge.


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