What is the habitat for the emu, including biotic and abiotic fatcors?

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The emu is found in all of Australia except the rainforest. The inhabit in lands that are grassland or forest. The habitat of the emu is one with abiotic factors of restricted rainfall at a moderate level and warmer temperatures, often providing less shade, with mild acidity and drier terrain with high mineral content and healthy carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycles; there are often few barriers to temper wind. The abiotic factor of hydrologic cycle is met by the prevalence of emu habitats in near proximity to lakes.

The biotic factors relevant to their foods are succulent plants, fruits, young tree shoots and flowers.They are herbivores who feed solely from plant primary producers. The ecosystems of their habitats will be rich in all trophic levels with producers, consumer, detritus feeders, and decomposers all present. Their niche will have few restricting competitors because of their size, speed and range of feed area.

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