What group was known for terrorizing tax collectors to protest British rule during the American Revolution?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British colonists in North America weren’t pleased with the British government regarding tax policies after the French and Indian War ended. The colonies were becoming more expensive to run, so the British developed new taxes that the colonists had to pay. These taxes were supposed to help cover some of the costs of running and protecting the colonies.

The colonists were very upset with the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts. The British Parliament passed these taxes. The issue the colonists had was that they had no elected representatives in Parliament that could speak about and vote on these proposed taxes. When these tax laws were passed, the colonists used various methods to protest the implementation of these new taxes.

One method of protest that was used was to harass the tax collectors. The Sons of Liberty were known for doing this. For example, in Boston, Andrew Oliver was the British official in charge of making sure the Stamp Act was enforced. His home was destroyed and looted. Figures of him were hung in effigy. These actions were repeated in other places. In some cases, the tax collectors were tarred and feathered. Many tax collectors resigned their positions for fear of being attacked and of having their property destroyed. The Sons of Liberty were very active in protesting these taxes.

scisser | Student

The Sons of Liberty are known for their rebellious attitudes. They were not afraid to use violence to get their points across. The Sons of Liberty were also noted for tarring and feathering tax collectors.

In additional to this, they also led several riots during the time period, including those when the notorious Stamp Act was passed.