What are the group names of the periodic table? What are their traits?

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The groups of the periodic table are the vertical columns, running up and down.  There are eighteen groups; each of which is given a different family name.  The group / family names are as follows:  (1) lithium family  (2) beryllium family  (3) scandium family  (4) titanium family (5) vanadium family  (6) chromium family   (7) manganese family   (8) iron family  (9) cobalt family  (10) nickel family   (11) copper family  (12) zinc family  (13) boron family (14) carbon family (15) nitrogen family (16) oxygen family (17) fluorine family (18) the helium family.  The periods are the horizontal rows that run from left to right.  There are eight periods when looking at the periodic table.

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