What the group of monosaccharides does include?

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Carbohydrates contain three important groups of molecules and monnosaccharides group is one of them.

The formula of monnosaccharides is (CH_2O)_n. The monnosaccharides glucose, fructose and galactose have all the same molecular formula C_6H_12O_6 but the arrangement of the atoms in glucose, fructose and galactose molecules is different, hence  glucose, fructose and galactose are isomers.

The source of the energy used by the cells in organisms is represented by the monnosaccharides. The energy is released when, in the presence of O_2, the monosaccharides are broken down to H_2O and CO_2.

If a covalent bond joins two monnosaccharides, the result is disaccharides which are the nutritional source of monosaccharides.

ngstevens | Student

Monosaccharides are the most basic form of sugar that can be used in the body to provide energy. As the name suggests they are simple sugars comprised of single sugar molecules that do not require processing by the body before they can be used. They are therefore quickly absorbed into the blood and cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. Monosaccharides are commonly found in three food groups. Glucose is the most common form of sugar used in the body. It is found in plant carbohydrate and enters the body in the form of standard table sugar or sugar that has been added to processed foods. Frutose originates from fruit and honey based products. Galactose is found in milk products. Both fructose and galactose are converted by the liver into glucose for use as an energy supply.

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