What is the group dynamic in The Breakfast Club?

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There are some interesting elements regarding group dynamics in Hughes' film.  On one hand, there is no distinct leader because the exposition reveals all of the characters are from different cliques.  Leadership works only in a shared setting, which is something that each of the characters lack.  To a slight extent, there might be some collusion of clique groups between Andrew's (athlete) and Claire's (popularity.)  Yet, this is tangential, at best.  Each group is distinctly different and leadership is not immediately apparent as each is "brainwashed" by their own belief in their clique based stereotype.  The grouping that emerges might is one that struggles to take form, but over time, there is a blending of grouping.  Andrew, Bender (criminal), and Brian (brain) dance on the railing of the Media Center, as do Claire and Allison.  The ending of the film sees Bender and Claire move closer, if only for a moment, as well as Andrew and Allison, if only for an instant.  The grouping that emerges happens within the day of detention, and the audience is left to presume what will happen as a result of it.  Bender takes Claire's diamond earring while Allison steals Andrew's letter from his jacket.  This is where we see groupings emerge, uncertain if it is to continue.  This grouping only happens as a result of the social based conflict that each have to face and each articulate to one another in the library.

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