What is groundwater mining?

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Groundwater mining is the removal, or withdraw, of water in the natural ground over a period of time that exceeds the recharge rate of the supply aquifer. It is also called "overdraft" or "mining the aquifer."

Ground water is contained in specific rock units called aquifers. Water, ultimately from rain or snow, percolates downward directly from rain, or from a river bed or lake bed, through soil, sediment, and rock, following the route of least pressure, to reach a level where it is saturated. It is then ground water , occupying the microscopic spaces between the rock particles in the aquifer. In natural circumstances an...

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groundwater mining
The process, deliberate or inadvertent, of extracting groundwater from a source at a rate in excess of the replenishment rate such that the groundwater level declines persistently, threatening exhaustion of the supply or at least a decline of pumping levels to uneconomic depths.pits, ditches, furrows, streambed modifications, or injection wells.