What is Grim's opinion of Maxwell's father in Freak the Mighty?

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Grim and Gram are Max's grandparents and legal guardians. They are his legal guardians because his mother is dead, and his father is in jail. Max's dad, Killer Kane, is in jail because he murdered his wife. Readers do not find out that information until fairly late in the story; however, we are clued into the fact that Max's dad is not well liked by either Gram or Grim. In fact, Killer Kane is both hated and feared at the same time. He is either never talked about, or he is talked about in hushed tones. Their hatred for him runs so deep that Grim actually refuses to say his name. Pronouns are used instead. This aversion to speak Killer Kane's real name and general hatred makes sense because he killed their daughter.

Which is the way he always talked about my father, who married his dear departed daughter and produced, eek eek, Maxwell. Grim never says my father's name, just Him, like his name is too scary to say.

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Some of the first things the reader hears about Max's father come from the character of Grim. Grim, of course, is the nickname Max gives to his grandfather who has taken him in. Grim's opinions about Max's father all revolve around fear of Killer Kane as a dangerous criminal.

First, Grim says that Max's father's name is “too scary to say.” As the plot moves on to the rising action, the reader learns that Max's Father (Killer Kane) is being released from prison. As a result, Grim reacts further. Grim wants to obtain a gun, but Gram is against it. Finally, Grim's opinion of Killer Kane is confirmed when Grim obtains a restraining order against Kane.

If [Killer Kane] does try to come here, they’ll send him back to prison. ... Everything is going to be okay.

Although this statement is designed to make Max feel safe, Grim still insists that Max stay inside for days. Of course, Grim's opinions are confirmed when Max's dad shows up and ties Max to a boiler.

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